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Translations was a project from STEAM with US initiative at Harvard Graduate School of Education during the spring of 2016.

The STEAM with US club branch at Harvard was founded by Jess Paik, and a small team of Arts and Technology in Education students and faculty launched its official club organization. The most impactful project of STEAM with US's launching year was Translations. This project was specifically reflecting our mission towards creating interdisciplinary experiences and products that were accessible to all audiences and people. And so, Translations challenged how visually dominate museums serviced the visually impaired people. 

Jess Paik, myself, designed, Translations, which produced a musical piece as its product. The team selected two paintings to experiment on, one of which was the, Charing Cross Bridge: Fog on the Thames by Claude Monet. The colors of the painting was first identified with computer generated sounds using the software, Processing. Wherever the cursor moved on the painting, a specific color was identified to produce a unique sound or pitch. This coded program was used as a foundation for a collaborating cellist to then translate each sound or pitch into a musical note. Finally, after researching the painting's history and story, the cellist used both the story and computer sounds to create cohesive musical piece that represented the painting. In this way, our team aimed to create a meaningful experience for those who cannot see the painting, but can still listen to the colors and emotions of a painting. 

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